Frequently asked questions

How many lights are there in the display?

Too many to count.

How do you synchronize the lights?

We use a personal computer with software and hardware developed by a fellow Christmas light enthusiast.

How long does it take to put that many lights up? When do you start?

It takes over five solid weeks of work to decorate the outside of the house. I start hanging lights on October 1st, working nights and weekends to install the decorations. Lights "go on" the day after Thanksgiving at 6:00pm. Next years new decorations and repairs of the lights go on all year long. It's a hobby.

Why do you put up a big display?

The Christmas holiday is for giving and sharing, and this is a way to share happiness with thousands of people. When you see the happy faces of adults and children alike staring at the lights, and hear the appreciative remarks, it makes all of the hard work worth it. There is a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing that you make so many people happy, especially at Christmas. After all, everyone is young at heart at Christmas. Christmas has always been a big thing in my household. Besides, we firmly believe that the house with the most lights has Santa visit first.

How many people visit your display?

Thousands of people see our decorations over the Christmas season,they walk, and drive in cars. The interesting thing is how many people are from foreign countries. We have talked with visitors from Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, Iceland, Africa and even China! Christmas lights are universal and they bring a smile to everyone's face.

What is it like having this big elaborate Christmas Light Display on your house?

It's great! We have a chance to not only talk and visit with our friends and fellow neighbors, but also all the visitors from all over the world who come here for a holiday or to visit families for Christmas.

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